Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Your Hair Healthy ?

Healthy hair with the latest hairstyles is dream for most women. Did you know that you can identify how healthy your hair is by doing an at-home hair test? 

Try this! Pull a strand of your hair out and put it through a sewing needle. If the hair slides through it's fine or probably straight. If you have problems threading the needle or if it gets caught along the way, your hair is probably thick, wavy or curly. 

Another test is to fill a glass with water. Take a strand of your hair and place it in the glass of water. If your hair floats, it's healthy or may be a bit oily. As you know, oil floats when added to water.

If your hair sinks, the hair is absorbing a great deal of water. This means that your hair lacks moisture so it must be dry.

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